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PKI Solutions

For performing any work there is the need of a particular infrastructure. Same is needed in case of Digital Signature Certificates. The infrastructure used for Digital Signature Certificates is PKI. PKI stands for Public-key Infrastructure. A public-key infrastructure is basically a set of people, hardware, software, policies, as well as procedures which is needed for creating, managing, distributing, using, storing, and revoking digital Signature Certificates. A PKI is an arrangement in cryptography that ensures binding of public keys with respect user identities through a Certifying Authority (CA).

Now the question is what is Public-key cryptography? It is a cyrptographic techniques that allows users to build secure communication on an insecure public network, and verify the identity of user through Digital Signature.

A Public-Key infrastructure is a system that is specifically designed for creating, storing and distributing Digital Certificates which are used for verifying that a specific public key is certainly belongs to a particular entity. PKI firstly creates digital signature certificates which represent public keys to entities, in a central repository securely stores these certificates and revokes them on need.

Who are there in a PKI?

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