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Digital Signature Certificate for Trademark, Patent, IPO, Copyright e-filing.

Class 3A And Class 3B Digital Signature Certificates for Patent, Trademark, IPO, Copyright

With the increasing use of internet, almost every department and office has started using it in their working. Now, most of the work is performed online. Same facility has been offered by the Department of Patent designs and trademark. The people wishing to apply for trademark and patent can now do online filing. Controller General for Patent Designs and Trademark has make the Digital Signature Certificate for an Individual to file Trademark or Patent application.

What type of Digital Signature Certificate is required to file for Patent or Trademark?

Any Individual or organisation with Class 3 Digital signature Certificate - Signing only can apply online for patent or trademark. It is very well known that Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is the highest Digital Signature Certificate in security means. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate helps in ensuring security and transparency in the transactions. These certificates come with 1 Year and 2 Year validity.

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